Walking among the Mimosa

A Pégomas walk posted on 15/02/15 by Randonneurs vallérois. Update : 26/04/17

An ideal route if you love Mimosa: from start to finish, this loop takes you through mimosa and eucalyptus plantations.

No particular technical difficulty. Be careful, if there has been a lot of rain in the days preceding your walk, the paths may be very muddy.

Technical sheet
Calculated time Calculated time: 4h05[?]
Distance Distance : 10.02km
Vertical gain Vertical gain : 528m
Vertical drop Vertical drop : 526m
Highest point Highest point : 312m
Lowest point Lowest point : 17m
Average Difficulty : Average
Back to starting point Back to starting point : Yes
Walking Walking
Location Location : Pégomas (06580)
Starting point Starting point : N 43.591488° / E 6.919312°
Map IGN Map (Click to buy) : Ref. 3643ET


The start point of this walk(1) is a gravel car park at the end of the Chemin des Sausserons (Pégomas).

(1) Follow the Piste des Sausserons to the west until you reach the hamlet of the same name. (2)Turn left, cross the D38 and take the road just opposite.
On a bend, the road splits off to the right(3): leave it and take the track just in front of you. Pass a large glasshouse and take the track to the left(4). Go around the glasshouse and down a hairpin bend until you reach the DFCI trail.

(5) Take the right and follow the main trail. On the way you'll cross quite a few trails splitting off, but make sure you stay on the main one which is well marked. Cross a stream at the bottom of the Vallon du Ped de l'Âne before arriving at a beautiful ridge at spot height 304.

(6) Go down along the ridge, ignore two trails that go off to the right. (7)Turn left and go down into the Vallon du Ped de l'Âne. Follow the track until the Vallon de la Figuière(8). Turn right, cross the lane and continue down, ignoring a trail going off to the left.

After a junction of trails at the start of the Vallon de la Loubonnière(9), on a right-hand bend, take the small path. (10) It isn't well signposted at the start but is very passable just after. Walk back up to the top of the ridge and then down via the beautiful trail to the right. Pass a mound of earth that blocks the trail and follow it down. When you get to the paved road, go left and on the hairpin and leave the road. Pass the barrier and follow the track to meet the D38 again lower down. Cross it and take the little road just opposite. Follow the road and you'll arrive back at the original car park.

Waypoints :
D/A : km 0 - alt. km 0
1 : km 1.56 - alt. km 1.56
2 : km 2.31 - alt. km 2.31
3 : km 2.41 - alt. km 2.41
4 : km 2.75 - alt. km 2.75
5 : km 5.68 - alt. km 5.68
6 : km 6.22 - alt. km 6.22
7 : km 7.12 - alt. km 7.12
8 : km 7.64 - alt. km 7.64
9 : km 8.95 - alt. km 8.95
10 : km 9.84 - alt. km 9.84
D/A : km 10.02 - alt. km 10.02

Useful Information

The tricky part (10) is the change in direction in the Vallon de Loubonniere because the path isn't particularly visible. You need to be really attentive at this point.
The trails, tracks and paths are all very passable.
The car pack at the start is large enough for 5 or 6 cars.

We advise taking IGN maps with you on this walk. Click here to buy : 3643ET.

Click here to see how to reach the starting point.

Hikideas and this author cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents or problems occuring on this walk.

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