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44 - Loire-Atlantique
85 - Vendée
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Best walks in Pays de la Loire

The full tour of Lake Jaunay
Distance12.16km Vertical gain+75m Vertical drop-74m Duration3h40 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in La Chapelle-Hermier - 85 - Vendée

Check out this beautiful trail completes a circuit around "Lac du Jaunay”. It is a quiet and wonderful place for nature lovers.

The Circuit des Arcades of the Rigole de Vioreau canal
Distance7.72km Vertical gain+48m Vertical drop-50m Duration2h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Nort-sur-Erdre - 44 - Loire-Atlantique

Discover an unusual trail, following the banks of "La Rigole Alimentaire”, a small canal feeding into Vioreau Pond. The canal crosses the valley of the Erdre thanks to four aqueducts with eight to ten arches and travels underground over 600 m. It is, moreover, spanned by many picturesque stone bridges... During your walk you can admire the Castle of La Lucinière and the wooded area on the other side of the Valley of Erdre.

Circuit around Moulin Papon
Distance8.83km Vertical gain+22m Vertical drop-22m Duration2h35 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in La Roche-sur-Yon - 85 - Vendée

A tour around the artificial lake of Moulin Papon, on foot or by bike.

Préfailles - Circuit around Pointe Saint-Gildas
Distance7.3km Vertical gain+21m Vertical drop-21m Duration2h10 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Préfailles - 44 - Loire-Atlantique

An easy hike in the commune of Préfailles, to Pointe St-Gildas, which juts out in the waves.

Cens, Erdre and Gesvres, three streams of Nantes
Distance6.46km Vertical gain+24m Vertical drop-24m Duration1h55 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Nantes - 44 - Loire-Atlantique

An easy hike along three streams: le Cens, l'Erdre, and le Gesvres. Nature within the town of Nantes.

Lake Mervent - Citardière Château - Pont du déluge
Distance7.02km Vertical gain+61m Vertical drop-63m Duration2h10 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Mervent - 85 - Vendée

There are many pedestrian paths to discover in Mervent forest.

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