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Les cascades du Hérisson / The Hérisson (Hedgehog) Waterfalls
Distance12.11km Vertical gain+329m Vertical drop-336m Duration4h15 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in La Chaux-du-Dombief - 39 - Jura

The walk descends the Hérisson ('hedgehog') River with its series of rapids and waterfalls, then returns via Bonlieu, passing through the Dame Blanche viewpoint, with a panoramic view over lakes Val and Chambly and the Herisson valley.

A hike around the four lakes
Distance11.52km Vertical gain+183m Vertical drop-174m Duration3h45 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Le Frasnois - 39 - Jura

A hike to do preferentially during fall to admire the beautiful colors of the Indian summer reflecting off the lakes.

The Pertes de l’Ain gorges
Distance5.82km Vertical gain+228m Vertical drop-225m Duration2h10 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Bourg-de-Sirod - 39 - Jura

Pleasure in cascades.
This extraordinary walk around the Pertes de l’Ain gorges sets out from the remarkable site of the old forges and is a delight for all the senses.
Along the way: The Pertes de l’Ain, gorges, cascades, the ruins of Villain castle, and the relics of an old village.

The Cirque de Baume-les-Messieurs
Distance10.72km Vertical gain+468m Vertical drop-461m Duration4h10 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Baume-les-Messieurs - 39 - Jura

Discover one of the most beautiful natural sites and one of the prettiest villages in the Franche-Comté.

The Tours de César circular walk
Distance7.32km Vertical gain+337m Vertical drop-321m Duration2h55 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Saint-Germain-la-Chambotte - 73 - Savoie

A loop above lake Bourget for a late afternoon walk.
A walk amid historical sites and beautiful viewpoints.

The Nouailles Gorges and the Source of the Loue
Distance14.89km Vertical gain+576m Vertical drop-576m Duration5h40 Difficult Difficult
Starting pointStarting point in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre - 25 - Doubs

From the old village of Mouthier, you will climb up to the tourism hotspot Franche-Comté , one of the major natural sites of Doubs: the Source of the Loue and up the Nouailles Gorges. You will overlook its emerald green waters interspersed with rapids and waterfalls, climbing and a scenic, physically demanding trail, perhaps surprising along the way some old forgers printing counterfeit money in the shade of caves and returning by the crest of cliffs and lookout points overlooking the valley.

Cirque de Consolation, the Roche du Prêtre and the cave
Distance6.19km Vertical gain+358m Vertical drop-359m Duration2h35 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Consolation-Maisonnettes - 25 - Doubs

A walk around the Cirque de Consolation with a thrilling variety of views and valleys. Beautiful panoramic views and bodies of water on way.

Circuit around Saint-Point-Lac
Distance18.55km Vertical gain+189m Vertical drop-186m Duration5h45 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Labergement-Sainte-Marie - 25 - Doubs

The route around the lake is a long hike but on good roads. Saint-Point-Lac is the third-largest natural lake in France. The path will take you along and close to the lake but also rises up a little and leads away from it at times for better views.
This trail is littered with signs to better understand your environment.

Pic de l’Aigle and the Lookout Points on the Lakes
Distance4.87km Vertical gain+197m Vertical drop-208m Duration1h50 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in La Chaux-du-Dombief - 39 - Jura

Very nice and easy walk above the lakes of the Jura, Maclu and Illay.

Source du Lison (Lison Spring), Creux Billard (Billard Hollow), Grotte Sarrazine (Sarrazine Cave)
Distance7.74km Vertical gain+526m Vertical drop-521m Duration3h30 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne - 25 - Doubs

This hike allows you to discover the geological and karstic curiosities which are the source du Lison (the Lison spring), the creux Billard (the Billard hollow) and the grotte Sarrazine (the Sarrazine cave).
The great advantage of this route is that overlooks the creux Billard and offers natural uncovered lookout points from the upper plateau.

The Crêt du Nu / Retord Plateau
Distance14.69km Vertical gain+403m Vertical drop-403m Duration5h10 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Hotonnes - 01 - Ain

An easy loop along Retord Plateau taking you past the "Gouffre de la Bauche" sinkhole and the "Crêt du Nu" viewpoint.

Walking The Saut du Doubs (Download : PDF)
The Saut du Doubs
Distance10.36km Vertical gain+371m Vertical drop-373m Duration3h50 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Villers-le-Lac - 25 - Doubs

This hike is a marvellous way to explore the beautiful Saut du Doubs.

Grand Colombier cross
Distance12.9km Vertical gain+417m Vertical drop-419m Duration4h40 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Corbonod - 01 - Ain

A summit and vistas in a site dominated by pastures.

La Dôle from Les Dappes
Distance6.69km Vertical gain+434m Vertical drop-428m Duration2h55 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Prémanon - 39 - Jura

Without doubt, the shortest path up to the summit of La Dôle (1677m altitude) from the French side of the border. In good weather, the views are breathtaking and go on for over 250km: from the Swiss Alps to Mont Blanc and on to the Vanoise and the Ecrins, all of this with plunging views down over Geneva and its lake.

Môtiers: The Poëta-Raisse Gorges
Distance10.28km Vertical gain+527m Vertical drop-524m Duration4h10 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Môtiers - Canton of Neuchâtel

Rousseau once wrote «I have, opposite my windows, a beautiful waterfall which from the mountain top, plunges from a rocky escarpment into the valley, with a sound heard for miles around, especially when waters are high». From waterfall to waterfall, alongside these impressively steep gorges which once inspired fear (poëta from the latin putidus meaning "altered, fetid"), this trail will lead you through a delightful hike through rocks and water.

The Mont Grêle lookout
Distance14.38km Vertical gain+1433m Vertical drop-1435m Duration7h30 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Attignat-Oncin - 73 - Savoie

The Mont Grêle lookout point and Archelle’s summit.
Mont Grêle is a peak that is visible from the valley of Chambéry and the Aiguebelette region.
It is easily spotted thanks to or because of the pylons that are installed at the top. Up close, these towers have still look great, but they do not alone justify the purpose of the tour, which is interesting because it offers views over Lake Aiguebelette and Chartreuse.

Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, lookout points, Source de la Loue (spring), Rocher de Hautepierre (rock)
Distance23.21km Vertical gain+1205m Vertical drop-1201m Duration9h30 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre - 25 - Doubs

The Loue Spring (tributary of the Doubs) is a resurgence of the Doubs. After journeying underground, it comes out into the open air at the bottom of a 'reculée' (steephead valley), at the foot of the rock face. It has cut deep into the limestone of the Jura massif, creating an enclosed valley, which I invite you to gaze at and contemplate from the many lookout points. You will also go down to the bottom of the gorge to discover this impressive resurgence.

Between Brangues and the Rhône
Distance15.28km Vertical gain+76m Vertical drop-77m Duration4h35 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Brangues - 38 - Isère

A lovely, gentle walk, part of which is along the Rhone, which you can do as a family.

Belchenflue mountain through the "Devil" gorges
Distance14.69km Vertical gain+798m Vertical drop-798m Duration6h05 Average Average
Starting pointStarting point in Hägendorf - Canton of Solothurn

The Swiss Jura Belchen, the Alsatian Belchen (Ballon d'Alsace) and the Black Forest Belchen all form the peaks of a right-angle triangle, mystical sunrise observation point dating back to Celtic times (Belchen comes from "Belenus" the celtic god of sun). You'll gain access to this exceptional viewpoint through the "Devil's" gorges lined with steep walls, waterfalls, caves and caverns. The way back, along the "military path" is full of vestiges and ends with typical Jura landscapes.

Distance8.51km Vertical gain+253m Vertical drop-242m Duration3h00 Easy Easy
Starting pointStarting point in Lizine - 25 - Doubs

Another circular walk around Lizine taking you to beautiful viewpoints and past the limestone pavement.

Distance15.4km Vertical gain+572m Vertical drop-492m Duration5h45 Difficult Difficult
Starting pointStarting point in Bois-d'Amont - 39 - Jura

Surrounded by Sala and Noiremont summits, this hike that allows you to explore Swiss forests and pastures. You'll need two cars for this straight route hike.