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Best walks in Vosges mountains

A tour of the Lac des Corbeaux
Distance14.93km Vertical gain+565m Vertical drop-567m Duration5h35 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in La Bresse - 88 - Vosges

Start and finish at the Col de Bramont.
This route will let you discover the Lac des Corbeaux from the Belvédère de la Roche du Lac 200m above it.
The view is stunning and its the perfect place for a snack!
A trail takes you down to the lake. It doesn't cross the embankment, but takes you round the lake on a pleasant, shady trail.
Return to the Col de Bramont via the Étang de Sèchemer.
A very beautiful circuit that's not too difficult, although very steep.

From Wettstein Pass to the Lac des Truites
Distance9.69km Vertical gain+287m Vertical drop-284m Duration3h25 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Orbey - 68 - Haut-Rhin

This short hike on trails marked by the Club Vosgien has in the first instance views of the valley of Munster, and also a view of the peaks of the Vosges. The many picnic opportunities around the Lac des Truites or Lac Forlet lakes, the trout spotting opportunities, as well the welcoming farmhouse make for an enjoyable outing.

Pierre Percée lake - Discover the battles sites of the First World War
Distance15.65km Vertical gain+405m Vertical drop-421m Duration5h25 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Pierre-Percée - 54 - Meurthe-et-Moselle

Discover the man-made lake that feeds the cooling system at Cattenom nuclear power station and the First World War battle sites around Celles-sur-Plaine.

The Lakes of Neuweiher and Gresson
Distance8.05km Vertical gain+421m Vertical drop-421m Duration3h20 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Rimbach-près-Masevaux - 68 - Haut-Rhin

In the Doller valley, this walk will let you discover the lakes of Neuweiher and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Vosges. It's an easy walk and accessible to anyone.

Lakes and pastures
Distance10.99km Vertical gain+466m Vertical drop-461m Duration4h15 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Soultzeren - 68 - Haut-Rhin

A beautiful hike that takes you up to the “Gazons”, the famous pastures of the Hautes Vosges, and along the steep slopes overlooking the magnificent cirques where the lakes of Lac Vert and Lac du Forlet lie. All of this is situated at an altitude and in landscapes that are reminiscent of the Alps.

Circular walk around Lac des Corbeaux and Croix Louis
Distance4.52km Vertical gain+226m Vertical drop-225m Duration1h50 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in La Bresse - 88 - Vosges

A pretty little walk with a beautiful viewpoint over Lac des Corbeaux, where you may like to take a dip.

Lac Vert - Gazon du Faing - Forlet Lake (Lac des Truites)
Distance16.89km Vertical gain+573m Vertical drop-564m Duration6h10 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Orbey - 68 - Haut-Rhin

Explore the forest, lakes and the Hautes Chaumes, the highlights of this hike that follows Vosges Club trails.

The Lac du Grand Ballon and waterfall of Kletterbach
Distance8.61km Vertical gain+310m Vertical drop-305m Duration3h10 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Lautenbachzell - 68 - Haut-Rhin

An original route to get to Lac du Grand Ballon avoiding the road. You will discover beautiful trees, a waterfall and views over the Petit Ballon and the Black Forest along the way.

Tour around Blanc and Noir lakes
Distance9.02km Vertical gain+537m Vertical drop-537m Duration4h Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Orbey - 68 - Haut-Rhin

A pretty walk, alternating between rises and descents following sinuous winds and paths over ridges with magnificent views. ‘’The’’ meeting place for local chamois.

Saverne. From Haut-Barr castle to Brotsch cave
Distance8.28km Vertical gain+185m Vertical drop-180m Duration2h50 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Haegen - 67 - Bas-Rhin

Forest hike with some stunning view points over the foothills of the Vosges. Visit the ruins of three castles: Haut-Barr, the large and small Geroldseck and the Brotsch tower (built in 1897 honouring the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Vosges Club in Saverne), and the cave.

Around the Lac des Perches
Distance9.84km Vertical gain+574m Vertical drop-575m Duration4h10 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Rimbach-près-Masevaux - 68 - Haut-Rhin

This walk takes you to the Lac des Perches ; a lake that nestles at the bottom of a very steep-sided cirque. Then the path leads you on to a stubble field where there is a very beautiful view over the valley of the Doller and even of the Alps when the sky is clear.

Lake Lispach and Rouge Feigne
Distance9.57km Vertical gain+375m Vertical drop-380m Duration3h40 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in La Bresse - 88 - Vosges

At the start of Lake Lispach, this hike will take you through a variety of settings. Peat bogs bordering Lake Lispach where you will see the Vosges’ forests and even some of the Rouge Feigne’s stubble more than 1,100 m above sea level. The return on the mountainside will eventually convince you that the Vosges are not just for cows...

10 - The Hohneck - The Frankenthal-Missheimle National Nature Reserve
Distance10.72km Vertical gain+549m Vertical drop-547m Duration4h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Stosswihr - 68 - Haut-Rhin

Observe the chamois in the Wormspel, soak your feet in the clear waters of lake Schiessrothried and appreciate the beauty of the Frankenthal-Missheimle nature reserve. And, if possible, stop at a farm-guesthouse for an excellent day!

As a variation of this hike, go via the Col de Falimont, where you can find practical information.

Stroll to the three castles of Ribeauvillé
Distance7.14km Vertical gain+383m Vertical drop-383m Duration2h55 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Ribeauvillé (Haut-Rhin) - 68 - Haut-Rhin

It's a nice walk that visits the three castles of Ribeauvillé at a slightly different angle from the traditional walk.

The Pearls of Vologne
Distance17.91km Vertical gain+498m Vertical drop-499m Duration6h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Xonrupt-Longemer - 88 - Vosges

“Les Perles de Vologne” is a wonderful site on the shaded bank of the Vologne.
You will pass on Pont des Fées and the Marie-Louise islands, before climbing along the torrent in the Roitelets Gorge, to reach the Roche des Bruyères from where you can admire the town of Gerardmer and its lake. Then, at the Gilet Fountain, located in the forest, you can refresh your hands.
Take a break at the Belbriette Pond before descending to Longemer Lake and the Saint Florent chapel.

From Col de la Schlucht to Hohneck
Distance13.93km Vertical gain+730m Vertical drop-723m Duration5h45 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Le Valtin - 88 - Vosges

Start at the Col de la Schlucht car park...
A very athletic outing. Good equipment and good physical condition are recommended!

Lake Noir from Pairis
Distance7.5km Vertical gain+348m Vertical drop-343m Duration3h00 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Orbey - 68 - Haut-Rhin

An uphill section towards Lake Noir on the slope of Orbey.

Chaume des Veaux from Kreuzweg pass
Distance4.82km Vertical gain+246m Vertical drop-235m Duration2h30 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Breitenbach - 67 - Bas-Rhin

Beautiful snowshoe trek beneath the Champ du Feu from the Col du Kreuzweg. Pass through the Pelage site, a paragliding centre offering a superb view, then through the Chaume des Beaux, a beautiful open space in which to enjoy the sun.
Some "off-track" sections for the sake of fun in the snow but with the option to stay on the marked trails for those who want it.

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