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Aosta Valley
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Best walks in Italy

Trek around Monte Viso in 5 days, stage 4
Distance13.72km Vertical gain+835m Vertical drop-1035m Duration5h55 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Oncino - Province de Cuneo

This stage gives you a frontline view over Monte Viso on one side and Pô prairie (plaine du Pô) on the other. Then a climb through Vallanta's small green valley.

Trek around Monte Viso in 5 days, stage 5
Distance15.01km Vertical gain+425m Vertical drop-1137m Duration5h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Pontechianale - Province de Cuneo

Beautiful stage, green at first, covered by neve at the pass then very floral in Guil Valley.

Trek around Monte Viso in 5 days, stage 2
Distance10.82km Vertical gain+1138m Vertical drop-428m Duration5h50 Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bobbio Pellice - Province de Torino

The second stage of our trek around Monte Viso starts with a hike through green foliage at the bottom of the valley. Then a passage through beautiful alpine pastures near a delightful little lake. Stunning view point at Col Sellière.

La Joux - Deffeyes Shelter
Distance5.34km Vertical gain+902m Vertical drop-33m Duration3h40 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in La Thuile (Province de Aosta) - Province de Aosta

A trek across the Gran Paradiso passing through the 5 surrounding valleys.

Distance3.72km Vertical gain+55m Vertical drop-120m Duration1h10 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Sant' Alfio - Province de Catania

A gentle wander north of Etna (a few kilometres at low altitude), offering a glimpse of the terrain and its vegetation. The eruption that created the seven Sartorius crates dates back to the late nineteenth century, nature has partially returned to this area.

The Madonie Massif: Pizzo Carbonara
Distance7.1km Vertical gain+361m Vertical drop-356m Duration2h55 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Petralia Sottana - Province de Palermo

Pizzo Carbonara is the highest point of the Madonie massif, in good conditions it provides beautiful views of the sea and out to Etna.

Circuit around the Zingaro Nature Reserve: Sentiero di Mezza Costa.
Distance10.64km Vertical gain+528m Vertical drop-523m Duration4h20 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Castellammare Del Golfo - Province de Trapani

A walk without real difficulty around a circuit, with beautiful scenery and beautiful coves for swimming in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, situated between Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo in Sicily.

Lake Biviere in the Nebrodi mountain range
Distance20.21km Vertical gain+408m Vertical drop-401m Duration6h45 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in San Fratello - Province de Messina

Hiking without technical difficulty in the forests of the massif of Nebrodi to Lago Biviere and passing by Lago Maulazzo. We constantly follows a more or less good track on the north and west slopes of Monte Soro, one of the peaks of the Sicilian mountains.

The Matterhorn Tour Day 1: The Léchère - Prarayer Refuge
Distance4.46km Vertical gain+184m Vertical drop-134m Duration1h45 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Bionaz - Province de Aosta

Warm-up walk to reach the Prarayer refuge along the right bank of the lake.

The Matterhorn Tour
Distance156.13km Vertical gain+11626m Vertical drop-11485m Duration10 days Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bionaz - Province de Aosta

Undertaken over 10 days, this circuit around the Matterhorn is outstanding. Each day it takes you over the 4000 m peaks of this alpine range. As it is located in 2 countries, Italy and Switzerland, it also brings you into contact with three European languages: Italian, German and also French in Valais in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn Tour Day 2: Prarayer Refuge - Perrucco Vuillermoz Refuge
Distance5.81km Vertical gain+1100m Vertical drop-221m Duration4h15 Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bionaz - Province de Aosta

Stage starting in pasture which quickly heads into the high mountains passing through the Valcornera pass.

The Matterhorn Tour D3: Perrucco Vuillermoz Refuge - Gandeg Cabin
Distance19.33km Vertical gain+1570m Vertical drop-1422m Duration9h15 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Valtournenche - Province de Aosta

Discover the giant that resides here, the splendid Matterhorn itself, before getting a closer look in the evening at the Gandeg cabin.

Distance14.61km Vertical gain+870m Vertical drop-1796m Duration6h15 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Prali - Province de Torino

2nd stage is entirely in Italy allowing you to walk alongside the many military buildings that protect the nearby border. The long descent before the shelter lets you enjoy the Italian pastures that appear much greener than the French. This is due to the more abundant moisture from this side of the border.

Tour of Monte Cofano
Distance8.83km Vertical gain+345m Vertical drop-345m Duration3h20 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Custonaci - Province de Trapani

A circuit near Trapani. A first part along the beachfront by the cliffs: a watchtower, a small chapel and a small cave, a “tonnara”. Then follows a small climb to head up a pass between Monte Cofano and marble quarries with beautiful views.

Croce Chabriere
Distance8.11km Vertical gain+911m Vertical drop-902m Duration4h30 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bardonecchia - Province de Torino

Above Bardonecchia, this cross has a particularly striking view of the winding road connecting the exit from the Fréjus tunnel to the Italian cities, beginning with Turin.

Distance13.65km Vertical gain+1148m Vertical drop-1120m Duration6h40 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Acceglio - Province de Cuneo

Last stage of this trek around Chambeyron mountain range, taking you back to France through Col de Sautron. You'll find yourself in superb wildlife setting when arriving at the pass.

Trek around Monte Viso day 4: Refuge Vallanta - L'Echalp
Distance14.55km Vertical gain+487m Vertical drop-1190m Duration5h20 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Pontechianale - Province de Cuneo

This stage involves a pass with neves and crossing Refuge du Viso high berm then Guil valley.

Trek across the Gran Paradiso
Distance76.92km Vertical gain+6826m Vertical drop-6796m Duration7 days Average Average
DepartureDeparture in La Thuile (Province de Aosta) - Province de Aosta

It may not be true paradise but it certainly is heavenly. An exceptional group trek carried out in July 2011 which allows you to explore the Val D'aoste valleys ending with a balcony trail to Gran Paradiso summit.

Deffeyes Shelter - Planaval
Distance13.32km Vertical gain+1145m Vertical drop-2069m Duration6h30 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in La Thuile (Province de Aosta) - Province de Aosta

A long and difficult stage due to the ascension of 2 passes.

Planaval - Rifugio chalet de l'Epée
Distance11.55km Vertical gain+932m Vertical drop-127m Duration5h30 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Arvier - Province de Aosta

A Trek through Valgrisenche with a view over the large village dam.

Refuge de l'Epée - Bruil
Distance6.16km Vertical gain+494m Vertical drop-1147m Duration2h55 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Valgrisenche - Province de Aosta

Fourth stage between Valgisenche and Val de Rheme.

Distance13.14km Vertical gain+1355m Vertical drop-1364m Duration7h00 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Rhemes-Notre-Dame - Province de Aosta

Another valley trek, the aim of today is Valsavarenche.

Eaux Rousses - Refuge Vittorio Sella
Distance14.01km Vertical gain+1738m Vertical drop-875m Duration8h10 Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Valsavarenche - Province de Aosta

From Valsavaranche to Val de Cogne in the middle of a herd of chamois.

Distance13.4km Vertical gain+260m Vertical drop-1181m Duration4h25 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Cogne - Province de Aosta

Spectacular view over Gran Paradiso.

Saint-Grat Lake and Refuge Adami
Distance11.4km Vertical gain+850m Vertical drop-842m Duration5h15 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Valgrisenche - Province de Aosta

Nestled at the foot of Tête du Ruitor and its glaciers, within a beautiful setting, Saint-Grat Lake is the highlight of any hike in its own right. Through the final twists and turns before the lake, the slope is smooth and the route straightforward. The next climb much steeper, leading to Refuge Adami gives you a stunning view point.

Lac du Vuert
Distance13.71km Vertical gain+890m Vertical drop-881m Duration6h00 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Valgrisenche - Province de Aosta

A two part hike. First up the Doire de Valgrisenche, a steady slope offering a leafy, green landscape. From the refuge, the landscape becomes essentially mineral and the slope steeper all the way to Vuert's small perched lake. Stunning high mountain surroundings.

Trek around Monte Viso day 3: Refuge Sella Quintino - Refuge Vallanta
Distance12.57km Vertical gain+762m Vertical drop-969m Duration5h25 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Oncino - Province de Cuneo

Italian stage through wild upper valleys and rocky wasteland, scattered by beautiful mountain lakes, consistantlyaround Monte Viso.

Trek around Monte Viso day 2: Refuge Granero - Refuge Quintino Sella
Distance16.02km Vertical gain+1713m Vertical drop-1455m Duration8h40 Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bobbio Pellice - Province de Torino

Quite a long high mountain stage today, set in a mineral landscape passing through "les sources du Pô" and near beautiful mountain lakes. Exploring the north-east side of Monte Viso (3841m) will be the highlight.

Distance9.47km Vertical gain+953m Vertical drop-732m Duration5h00 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bobbio Pellice - Province de Torino

3rd and last stage of this Franco-Italian circuit. It meets with a variation of the Queyras circuit above the Jervis Refuge to reach Valpréveyre by the Col d’Urine.

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