View from the ridge at the summit of the Grammont

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Le Grammont

View from the ridge at the summit of the Grammont

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In the foreground, on the right: the alpine chalet (5) which the route takes you past.
In the foreground on the left: the ridge of the old glacial cirque which connects the Gardy (the limestone "tooth" visible at the end) and the Grande Jumelle (see the walk "Grande Jumelle" published on this site).
In the background, in the center: the two twin peaks of Roc du Château d'Oche (left) and the Dent d'Oche (right).
In the background, on the right: the small peak overlooking the grassy slopes is the summit of the Pic de Borée. Between the Dent d'Oche and the Borée is the Col de Neuvaz pass. The road to reach it from Novel is clearly visible in the photo (see the walk "Pic de Borée from Novel" published on this site.
The very dark green colour of the mountain pastures is due to a pronounced delay, of about one month, in the vegetation that year (July 2013).

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Walk : Le Grammont

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