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Latest hikes

Baou de Quatre Ouro (576 m) and Croupatier via the caves path
Distance14.22km Vertical gain+917m Vertical drop-917m Duration6h15 Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Ollioules - 83 - Var

This active route will take you through the Croupatier to the Baou de Quatre Ouro, one of the four "Toulonais brothers". Paths and ledges where you have to use your hands, passages with ropes, discover the main caves of the massif, where the famous caves of the Château du Diable make the route more interesting.

Distance12.65km Vertical gain+351m Vertical drop-347m Duration4h25 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Lauret - 34 - Hérault

Circuit on the eastern slopes of the Causse de l'Hortus visiting its sites of interest: Lafous mill, Embruscalles lake, Mas Neuf, the archaeological site of the Causse rock with a view of the entire Gard plains and the pre-Alps beyond, Mont Lozère, Aigoual and more...

From Montmirat to the Bois de Lens
Distance14.3km Vertical gain+285m Vertical drop-285m Duration4h45 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Montmirat - 30 - Gard

A hike mostly through forest, under the canopy of the Bois de Lens.
Throughout the walk you'll experience stunning scenery.
You'll also discover the Pielles Roman quarry, Macassargues caves (which were occupied by Neanderthal man), the pre-Roman sanctuary of Mabousquet (1st century BC), the Clunisian abbey of Jouffre (3rd century) and the Castellas de Montmirat (11th century).

Rossignol Mill at Armissan and the Marmorières Dovecot circuit
Distance8.19km Vertical gain+170m Vertical drop-170m Duration2h45 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Vinassan - 11 - Aude

Hike in the mountains of La Clape overlooking the Pyrenees, the Black Mountain and the Mediterranean. See the “Rossignol” (nightingale) mill of Armissan, and then enjoy views at the orientation table at Vinassan, and finally Marmorières Domaine’s chapel’s dovecot.

Distance10.96km Vertical gain+12m Vertical drop-12m Duration3h10 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis - 17 - Charente-Maritime

A beautiful walk along Frace Lake, which is popular for fishing and walking, and on through the little town of Aigrefeuille-d'Aunis, where you can visit the Ouchettes cheese dairy and goat farm.

The Ibie Balconies
Distance10.83km Vertical gain+362m Vertical drop-358m Duration3h55 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc - 07 - Ardèche

A walk amid holm oaks along the capricious Ibie river, whose water doesn’t always flow overground.

Vaumale valley - Lioux valley
Distance12.54km Vertical gain+311m Vertical drop-311m Duration4h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Lioux - 84 - Vaucluse

Walk up Vaumale valley along a beautiful trail equipped with climbing aids and then come back down the wilder and less rocky Lioux valley.

The Tour des Opies- the Eyguières Alpilles
Distance16.02km Vertical gain+399m Vertical drop-392m Duration5h30 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Eyguières - 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône

Hiking in the Alpilles, starting from the Eyguières bullring.
A quiet start among olive trees and cicadas at the foot of the Opies.
You'll discover the old Romanière sheep pens.
The ascent starts on a beautiful path through the maquis and ends with a little climb to finish at the Tour de Guet where a magnificent 360° view awaits you.
You can also visit the vestiges of Villa Gallo Romaine.

Bartenheim and Brinckheim Vines Trail
Distance6.93km Vertical gain+55m Vertical drop-51m Duration2h05 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Bartenheim - 68 - Haut-Rhin

A trail giving you the possibility to explore a large number of running vineyards throughout the Bartenheim and Brinckheim hillsides.

Circuit du Dolmen
Distance11.59km Vertical gain+51m Vertical drop-50m Duration3h25 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Saint-Fort-sur-le-Né - 16 - Charente

Situated at 25m altitude - the river Né and the Motte stream are the principal water courses which cross the locality.
In certain places there are excellent views towards and from the village, the Dolmen, of the vineyards, the landscape of the Grande Champagne and surrounding villages. In every season you can discover a certain charm and appeal in St. Fort.

Pont du Gard
Distance14.67km Vertical gain+242m Vertical drop-244m Duration4h45 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard - 30 - Gard

Easy hike where you can discover the Pont du Gard and its environment.

The Refuge de Vallonbrun
Distance5.25km Vertical gain+474m Vertical drop-475m Duration2h40 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Lanslevillard - 73 - Savoie

A half-day hike for intermediate walkers. You'll walk through different settings that offer a large range of Vanoise flora, while benefiting from an extraordinary view over the summits of Maurienne and the Ecrins national park.

The Cross on the Alp
Distance10.14km Vertical gain+892m Vertical drop-888m Duration6h Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont (Savoie) - 73 - Savoie

A lovely with snowshoes, with a beautiful view of the Alpine peaks at its height. Note that this hike can be done in all seasons.

From Chibron to the Devil's Bridge
Distance12.98km Vertical gain+253m Vertical drop-245m Duration4h20 Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Signes - 83 - Var

This varied hike visits the remains of the famous Devil's Bridge, which cost the lives of many cart drivers loaded with ice packs. They came down from Sainte Baume as fast as possible, to deliver the people of Toulon or other citizens.

La Ciotat and Cap Canaille
Distance11.33km Vertical gain+410m Vertical drop-412m Duration4h15 Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in La Ciotat - 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône

Hike exploring the sights and features of Cape Canaille.

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