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Latest hikes

Les cascades du Hérisson / The Hérisson (Hedgehog) Waterfalls
Distance12.11km Vertical gain+329m Vertical drop-336m Duration4h15Average Average
DepartureDeparture in La Chaux-du-Dombief - 39 - Jura

The walk descends the Hérisson ('hedgehog') River with its series of rapids and waterfalls, then returns via Bonlieu, passing through the Dame Blanche viewpoint, with a panoramic view over lakes Val and Chambly and the Herisson valley.

Hike in Fontainebleau forest: a tour of the Apremont Gorges
Distance11.69km Vertical gain+129m Vertical drop-130m Duration3h40Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Fontainebleau - 77 - Seine-et-Marne

Fontainebleau forest is one of the most beautiful French forests thanks to its varied landscapes and, in particular, its sandstone blocks. This hike circles the Apremont gorges along the Colinet-Denecourt path N°6 and lets you enjoy it in all its beauty and fragility, the latter due both to natural erosion and human use, and is near the Paris region.

Restonica - Mélo Lake - Capitello Lake
Distance6.66km Vertical gain+568m Vertical drop-570m Duration3h15Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Corte - 2B - Haute-Corse

A magnificent, unmissable and accessible hike that takes half a day.

The ridges of the Petites and Grandes Dentelles de Montmirail
Distance7.35km Vertical gain+493m Vertical drop-487m Duration3h15Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Lafare - 84 - Vaucluse

A short loop to discover these two characteristic rock formations as well as Saint-Christophe's Chapel, which protects the site, taking a less conventional route.

Around the Aigue Brun
Distance14.43km Vertical gain+662m Vertical drop-662m Duration5h40Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Buoux - 84 - Vaucluse

Circuit around the Aigue Brun to see the different aspects of this valley nestled at the foot of the Luberon.

The Pointe de Plougrescant
Distance13.46km Vertical gain+71m Vertical drop-74m Duration4h00Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Plougrescant - 22 - Côtes-d'Armor

The Pointe de Plougrescant is recognised around the world due to Castel-Meur: the house between the rocks. The hike starts at Saint-Gonery Chapel, equally famous for its crooked lead bell tower. The hike continues via the Baie de l'Enfer where you can admire the Jaudy estuary, then on to Pointe du Château - the most northerly point of this route - to see Castel Meur (private property) and finally to discover the gulf before returning to the departure point along the west coast of the point.

The Lac du Grand Ballon and waterfall of Kletterbach
Distance8.61km Vertical gain+310m Vertical drop-305m Duration3h10Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Lautenbachzell - 68 - Haut-Rhin

An original route to get to Lac du Grand Ballon avoiding the road. You will discover beautiful trees, a waterfall and views over the Petit Ballon and the Black Forest along the way.

Distance22.39km Vertical gain+299m Vertical drop-295m Duration2h30Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Thury (Yonne) - 89 - Yonne

A mountain biking route for anyone who loves bike rides and discovering natural and architectural heritage. You're in for a treat! But be prudent!

Water and Woods Hiking Trail
Distance13.17km Vertical gain+154m Vertical drop-155m Duration4h10Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Treigny - 89 - Yonne

Leaving from the fairground, you will walk along paths that have a mysterious past and are steeped in legends.

Sentier Colette - Walking with Colette
Distance5.76km Vertical gain+76m Vertical drop-85m Duration1h50Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye - 89 - Yonne

This trail, dedicated to Colette, was opened in 1993 by the pupils of the Colette college of Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye. Along this trail, everything recalls the works of this author, born in Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye in 1873. The author has described her birthplace so well - that even though she has given other names to the villages and characters, you can sense her literature at every corner.

Tour de Mayen
Distance13km Vertical gain+851m Vertical drop-849m Duration5h45Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Leysin - Vaud

The Tours d'Aï and Mayen are twin peaks visible from afar. The Tour de Mayen is slightly lower than its neighbour, not as busy and provides a more wilderness setting. The climb is progressive with two stages, the Chalets de Mayen and Segray Lake. Just beneath the summit, a very clear view of Lac Léman, les Diablerets, le Chablais, les dents du Midi and the Mont Blanc Massif.

Distance9.73km Vertical gain+856m Vertical drop-854m Duration4h50Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Leysin - Vaud

The Tours d'Aï and Mayen are twin peaks visible from afar. The Tour d'AÏ is slightly higher than its neighbour, and also visited more frequently. It's a progressive climb which offers an aerial tour at the very end. Amazing views of Lac Léman, le Chablais, les Dents du Midi and the Mont Blanc massif from the summit.

Circular hike in the Chamelet woods
Distance13.07km Vertical gain+490m Vertical drop-489m Duration4h55Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Chamelet - 69 - Rhône

A lovely, easy walk through the woods above Chamelet.

A walk in the Massif des Trois Pignons
Distance11.93km Vertical gain+144m Vertical drop-140m Duration3h45Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Noisy-sur-École - 77 - Seine-et-Marne

The Massif des Trois Pignons is situated on the edge of Fontainebleau forest. The walk takes you past the Rocher des Guetteurs, the Sables du Cul du Chien, the Diplodocus, and the Rocher de la Tortue.

10 - The Hohneck - The Frankenthal-Missheimle National Nature Reserve
Distance10.72km Vertical gain+549m Vertical drop-547m Duration4h20Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Stosswihr - 68 - Haut-Rhin

Observe the chamois in the Wormspel, soak your feet in the clear waters of lake Schiessrothried and appreciate the beauty of the Frankenthal-Missheimle nature reserve. And, if possible, stop at a farm-guesthouse for an excellent day!

As a variation of this hike, go via the Col de Falimont, where you can find practical information.

The Gorges of Oppedette
Distance6.12km Vertical gain+209m Vertical drop-214m Duration2h15Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Oppedette - 04 - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

A beautiful loop around the Calavon Gorges from the village of Oppedette.

Cirque de Consolation, the Roche du Prêtre and the cave
Distance6.19km Vertical gain+358m Vertical drop-359m Duration2h35Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Consolation-Maisonnettes - 25 - Doubs

A walk around the Cirque de Consolation with a thrilling variety of views and valleys. Beautiful panoramic views and bodies of water on way.

The Cuves du Destel
Distance5.24km Vertical gain+320m Vertical drop-314m Duration2h15Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Ollioules - 83 - Var

A real route for hiking lovers. The Destel trail (named after the stream) offers a varied and enjoyable walk (climbing with a handrails and chains, a path along the water's edge, walking through the cuves (natural basins)).

Baou des 4 Auros
Distance11.26km Vertical gain+529m Vertical drop-535m Duration4h30Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Ollioules - 83 - Var

A hike in the outskirts of Toulon where you get a 360° view of the amazing countryside. A big meeting place for spies who monitor Toulon harbour.

The Arfuyen Ridges
Distance15.09km Vertical gain+568m Vertical drop-576m Duration5h40Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Le Barroux - 84 - Vaucluse

Starting from Sainte-Madeleine Abbey at Barroux, this is quite a wild route offering many views over Mont Ventoux, the Dentelles de Montmirail and the surrounding plains.

Mont Ventoux by the southern slopes
Distance21.92km Vertical gain+1446m Vertical drop-1438m Duration9h40Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Bédoin - 84 - Vaucluse

Beautiful climb up the southern slopes of Mont Ventoux from the hamlet of Sainte Colombe 4 km from Bédoin.

Rocher d'Abraham
Distance13.65km Vertical gain+1044m Vertical drop-1045m Duration6h25Difficult Difficult
DepartureDeparture in Mayres - 07 - Ardèche

You are at the heart of the Ardèche. View of the Cevennes and the Gerbier de Jonc.

The Cabanons de Mane
Distance6.06km Vertical gain+235m Vertical drop-234m Duration2h15Easy Easy
DepartureDeparture in Mane - 04 - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

If you like Bories, you'll see them in the distance at the start, then up close, and you can even go inside some of them. On your way back, before you get to the village, you'll walk up a superb calade (cobbled) street, and there's a little detour to see the Château de Mane.

The Véroncle mills
Distance10km Vertical gain+310m Vertical drop-301m Duration3h35Average Average
DepartureDeparture in Gordes - 84 - Vaucluse

The route leads up the Véroncle canyon then down the south-facing slopes of the Monts de Vaucluse.

Luminy - Oeil de Verre - Candelle
Distance10.46km Vertical gain+769m Vertical drop-760m Duration4h50Very difficult Very difficult
DepartureDeparture in Marseille - 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône

A hike among the Marseilles calanques, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity for a little exercise

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